Web Service Connection


I have implemented the latest code compiling under frameworks 4.6. All looks good but I cannot login because we do not allow direct connections to the sql server.

The problem is, as a client consuming the web service, I thought you would not need database login credentials in the appconnection.xml because the server end of the web service would handle the connection to the database.

On close inspection of the Web Service WSDL it does not appear to expose any methods. Am I thinking about this all wrong? Can I build an application that does not need direct access to the SQL server?

Thanks in advance.

Regards Angus

Hello Angus. Login should occur normally when operating remotely, everything tunnels through port 80 (or 443 if you’re using SSL).

From the remote client you need to install Quantify and verify you can log in. This will create a common config file with an encrypted database connection. Quantify uses a single user to connect through, which also enables connection pooling.

On the server, you only need to change the appconnection.xml if your database resides on a different server than where IIS (Quantify Web) is installed.