Synchronizing Invoices

HI, I have downloaded the application from this post. Which method do i need to look at to get the invoice data?

This link is not working

Hello. I’m not sure where you have that link from.

To view the source code to synchronizing invoices, you’ll use the sample project in the zip file above:
Unzip it to your local folder. You’ll see several files in that project. InvoiceSync.cs is the one that contains most of the logic. The workflow for how this works is in the PDF file above also:

in the post above against the below sentence, there is an anchor tag. The link mentioned in the anchor tag was not working

First, it is highly recommended that you attend one of our billing training classes before getting serious about modifying this code. Quantify has a lot of features and you’ll be well prepared knowing how things work in the UI. <a href=>Click here to see our training schedule.

thank you. i will evaluate this pdf

Thanks for the broken link, we’ll fix that. We provide recorded training specific to your company, so you may want to ask for that. Otherwise I believe there’s some pre-recorded billing classes here.

Thanks again,

HI, from quantifyinvoicesync application could you please advice the custom fields from which we can pick the below information. We would need the specific fields from which the below information can be picked up. During our training session with Shaun, he mentioned the api team can help give the quantity specific fields associated with this…looking forward to your reply.

Daily Rate [ This value is picked from Rate Profile and available in Invoice]
From date[This value is available in Invoice]
To date [This value is available in Invoice]
Qty [This value is available in Invoice]
No. of Days [This value is available in Invoice]
Part Number [ This value is available in the shipment]
Serial Number [ This value is available in the shipment]
Description [ This value is available in the shipment]
ID in accounting Software [ this value is maintained in the Job Site]

Request No: This is mandatory to uniquely identify a request No./Request ID coming the job-site
GL account : This is the GL account for posting based internal OR external hire
Cost Center: This is mandatory to identify the exact cost center to post the invoice amount
WBS: This is mandatory for identifying the job-site

Hello. Yes, all of these are available in the sample code. Look at the properties available on the invoice object. Some of these will also be in the related job site object. If it is a serialized part that will be available in the InvoiceRentProduct collection, also on the invoice object. The GL account is there also, as well as in GlobalOptions object. This is all in the sample code.

Basically, in your invoice object type the “.” character and you will see all of these properties.

Thank you. I was able to find most of the fields. Could you please let me know under which collection in invoice, can i pick currency of the invoice?

Quantify uses the currency of your local computer settings.

if we are synchronize invoice. for already saved invoices. what currency can i attach to people?. our laptops are running in english us and not arabic united arab emirates, so the currency will sort of pick up as dollars or euros. i am sure for invoices generated, you would save the currency aagainst which it was generated?

We don’t save the currency. It is assumed that one installation/database of Quantify is a single currency (Quantify isn’t multi-currency). You’ll need to know what that is and hard-code it.

Hello. I have also changed the thread here so that it’s not combined with our original post. You can reply here.

Once i sync an invoice. I want to mark the invoice as synced so that i dont pick it again. unfortunately i see in syncstatus field there is no value synced. Can i mark it as paid or anything? Essentially, i dont want the invocie to come up the next time

Yes, you can do that. Simply set the sync status property to synchronized and save the invoice. Assuming your variable is named “invoice”, this is how you save.

// save
invoice = invoice.Save();

But i am not seeing a status called Synchronized
There is All, Deleted, DoNotSync, Draft, Not Paid, Not Synchronized.Overdue, Paid, Voided.
If i set as Paid.
Will there be any impact in Avontus system?
Or is there is any other status that i can set to, so that it does not come the next time.

Probably do not sync, but I would check with the end users as they’ll see the status in the UI

Thank you. i will check this

invoice.pdf (361.6 KB)

For non rental item from where in invoice collection can i find the value Request No/ID in screen shot.
For rental items it was found in theInvoice.InvoiceRentProducts --> item.ShipmentItem.GlobalProperty1.
Similarly could be advice For non rental products.

For this, you will need to get the shipment number from the item, then get the first custom property on the shipment.