Summary report to create


Could you create in the report designer a model as the print screen below because I do not find the databindings to use in order to have all these information ?
We never received an instuction for uses for the report designer and the fact it is in English it’s very hard to find the good databindings.

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Hello. The documentation for the End-User Report Designer is here: End-User Report Designer.

A lot of the columns you are looking for are in the Invoice Summary report. I would suggest that you start with that report. Other reports (such as the estimate) have the weight, you can look at those reports to see how to add the weight and total.

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This not helps because I have already done that and in the Summary Invoice when I put the shipment number we have not all the shipments, when I put total weight, that doens’t work…
Have you test on your side if it is really possible to have in a summary invoice the results requested ?
Waiting for your return.