Source view, table or code for Report [Location Reports > All Active Locations with Shipping Address]

Hi Mirko / Avounts Support,

I hope you’re doing well.

We have a request to find out the source of Report: [All Active Locations with shipping address], under [Reports]; [Location Reports] section. We have taken a look on the DB tables in our Quantify Database and we haven’t found any relation to build something related to this report.

I hope you can help us. Looking forward for your comments.

Hello jospabloh.

The definition for this report is currently in the \reports\ folder where Quantify is installed. If you modify that report and save it there you should see the changes. To modify this report you’ll need Microsoft Visual Studio (community edition is free) and the Microsoft Report Viewer extensions. you might nee to contact a developer for help if you’re unsure of how to use these products.

Avontus Dev

Thank you. I was able to find the report under \report. I’m also able to open the report in Visual Studio. But I’m not able to figure out what data source is using as it says DummyDataSource, I need que query since I’m able to connect to the database itself. Could you please provide it?

Under the dummy data source you’ll see the available properties. We don’t support direct connections to the database. The reports sit on top of our API.

Ok, what should I configure here? It’s blank.

Hi. Can you send a screen grab of what it is you’re seeing that’s blank?

Sure, here’s what I’m looking at.

Data source is the report:

Dataset in the report:

Dataset properties, that I see point to a source I don’t see… must be a DLL or something…

This is what I’m referring as I need the view or table or query that the report is using to create the dataset.

Thank you!

Hello. We don’t support creating a new dataset. You will see properties under Avontus_Rental_Library_StockingLocationList. These are the only properties that are available to this report.

Hi AvontusSupport,
I don’t need to create new datasets. I need to know from what table or view is Avontus_Rental_Library_StockingLocationList getting the information, normally these reports *.rdlc or *.rdl have a query or something from where you can see how is getting the information.
I’m sorry but this is becoming very frustrating…

Hi. Sorry for your frustration. These reports are directly bound to our API (rflc). There is no query datasource (rdl). The only properties available in this particular report are those contained in the StockingLocationList, which is an object in our API.