[SOLVED] Listing Additional Charges

hello !! there.
i need help for a issue , i need to get the Aditional Charges list , via API
just like in the image below.

can you help me?? , Thaks in advance

no one knows how to resolve this?..
please Help!!

when i use the method :

public static UnitHourRateProfileCollection GetAdditionalChargeProfileCollection()
return DataPortal.Fetch();

Give’s me an error about DataPortal . =( , i cant get another method that references
"aditional Charges" , ,can you give some light about it

Thanks. !!

Hello Marveen. Sorry for the confusion, under the hood these are called ‘Unit Prices’. To get the master list of them you’ll use the ‘UnitPriceCollection’. Sample code below. Note that the Object.Get…() method is the way you can retrieve items. DataPortal_Fetch() should be marked as internal by us and not visible to you, we’ll fix this in the future.

Please let me know if this helps.

        // Get list of unit prices
        UnitPriceCollection prices = 
            UnitPriceCollection.GetUnitPriceCollection(ActiveStatus.Both, false, Guid.Empty);

        // Loop though them and print the name to the
        // debug window
        foreach (UnitPrice price in prices)
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works as a sharm!!..

i get the other method GetAdditionalChargeProfileCollection just looking into the API DLL.
i has the hope of that method =)
thanks wonderfull people!!
Gracias desde CHILE !