[SOLVED] Get the Locatios By a Customer HELP

I have distincts Users (login user) , and have permisions to see only a few locations or branchs, as show the image…

the problem is this :slight_smile:

i can’t get the Locatios for this user only as the picture showed. can anyone help me with this.???
i need only get the branch, and the 3 locations. only … using the API.

Hello. The way to get the exact same data as seen when UI, with the least amount of code is to a TreeView object as follows -

Dim currentUser As AvontusUser = AvontusUser.GetUser(userName Or userID);
TreeView tvOrganization = new TreeView();
StockingLocationOrganization orgTree = StockingLocationOrganization.GetOrganization(ActiveStatus.Active)
orgTree.BuildTreeView(tvOrganization, OrgViewGrouping.ByJob, JobTreeNodeDisplayType.Name, currentUser.RelatedID, currentUser.UserID,

TreeNode oMainNode = tvOrganization.Nodes[0];

public void PrintNodesRecursive(TreeNode oParentNode)
foreach(TreeNode oSubNode in oParentNode.Nodes)

public Guid GetStockingLocationID(TreeNode Node)
if ((StockingLocationOrganization.GetPartnerType(Node) == PartnerTypes.Customer)) {
return Guid.Empty;

 NodeTag tag = ((NodeTag)(Node.Tag));
 return tag.StockingLocationID;


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Oki , i will try on this!! and will keep u updated!! y will do on C# code!! Thanks!

cant unflag this post … can u do?

THANKS!!! works Fine for me!!!

thanks a Lot of lots!!!

Great, glad that works. You’re very welcome!

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