[SOLVED ]Get Consumables List of a Shipping

Hello Friends, me again, please can you give me a code sample to get
the consumables list , that is associated with a shipping , as the images below.

thanks!! again!

I’m thinking i have solved my problem , unless you say i’m wrong !! XD

Shipment Ship = Shipment.GetShipment(Guid.Parse(StrShipID.ToString()),true,true,true);
FilteredBindingList ConsumableList = Ship.ShipmentConsumables;

Yes, shipment.ShipmentConsumables gives the consumable list, which is shipment products filtered by ProductType=ProductType.Consumable. Also, the parameters in Shipment.GetShipment(…) method controls whether only the consumables in that shipment are loaded.

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thanks!!! i gonna mark this as SOLVED !!