[SOLVED] GET Additional Charges By Jobsite

hello there , before i ask about list additional charges of the application .
now i need to list this per Jobsite , can you help me on this?

this is a image show what i need to get via API.

i be arround here!! :relieved:

hello ,try this

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this work for a invoice, but i have only the JobSite ID


i try this , but did’t work

/ Avontus.Rental.Library.ShipmentUnitPriceCollection
public static ShipmentUnitPriceCollection GetShipmentUnitPriceCollection(Guid shipmentID, Guid fromStockingLocationID, Guid toStockingLocationID, bool loadBaseUnitPrices)
return DataPortal.Fetch(new ShipmentUnitPriceCollection.Criteria(shipmentID, fromStockingLocationID, toStockingLocationID, loadBaseUnitPrices));

i dit IT!! yes !! using this ! :grinning:

Great! Good sleuthing!

We’ll look into making the DataPortal methods internal, that way you won’t see them and get confused in the future.

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