ShipmentJobList1/2/3 tables

I was hoping that someone can show me steps in Quantify that will populate one or more of these 3 tables.I assume it’s some type of Shipment due to the names of the tables. I just can’t figure out the items I need to select while creating a shipment to get data into these tables.

Hello Bob. We don’t support modifying data in any tables directly. You need to use the API to do this. We can give you sample code for how to accomplish this. Are you using C# or VB.NET?

Also, you can see our sample projects on this site to get up and going with connecting via the API.


I’m not modifying any of the data in the tables. I was wanting the steps in Quantify of the process that will populate one or more of these tables. What screens and options needed within Quantify that puts data into one or more of these tables.

Hello Bob. The values here serve as the defaults for the dropdown lists on the shipments. In Quantify you’ll set these defaults on the jobsite and they can be selected on the shipments for the job, on the shipment properties tab. Hope this helps!