Sending Shippment by Email

Is there a way to automatically send by email the Deliveries and Returns to the email address associated with the customer or jobsite?

Hi Raymond. Yes, you could write a console app and have it run by a windows admin task. You could programmatically grab the shipment and send out an email. To track what’s sent you can write out the ID for each one that’s sent out. Alternately, if you want to send PDF you could have your end-users drop the PDF file into a folder and send that, then you could programmatically delete it when done, knowing that it was sent because the file is no longer there.

I could send you sample code for the last option. Do you use C# or VB.NET?


Thanks for your answer. Please send us a sample in C#

Raymond Mizrachi

Here you go. Here’s a bit of psudocode

string[] files = Directory.GetFiles(@"c:\yourdirectoryhere", "*.pdf",

foreach (string file in files)
    // Create instance of Smtp client with your credentials
    // Attach file to email
    // Send email

    // Delete file so that it won't be sent again