Scaffold Tag Direct Ship

I am using C# and I am trying to do a Delivery to Scaffold for a particular scaffold tag. Given a scaffold tag, how I do a new direct ship to that scaffold? I need to populate the direct ship inforamtion(rent start, ship date, activity) as well as the products and additional charges.

To be clear, I want to reproduce in C# opening a scaffold tag, going to the shipping tab and clicking delivery to selected scaffold. Fill out the new direct ship form, products taband addition charges tab and clicking save.

Please let me know if this was answered in a different section.

Is there a paid version of this site? I’m not sure how to get resolutions on this API or if I’m in the right spot. I’ve waited 13 days with no reference to how to get this done.

Hello ra102800. We’re still contemplating how to best advise you, will have a response for you here in the next day or so.

Avontus Dev

Hello ra102800. Thank you for posting. The following snippet may be used to create Shipment to a Scaffold Tag. Let us know if you have any further queries.

        Shipment ship = Shipment.NewShipment(ShipmentStatusType.NewDirectShip);
        ship.FromLocationType = SourceType.BranchOffice;
		//From stocking location id may be fetched by... 
		//StockingLocationID => TradingPartner.GetTradingPartner("Branch-Name")
        ship.FromStockingLocationID = <From-Stocking-Location-ID>; 
		ship.ToLocationType = SourceType.JobSite;
		//To stocking location id may be fetched by... 
		//StockingLocationID => TradingPartner.GetTradingPartner("Tag-Name")
		ship.ToStockingLocationID = <To-Stocking-Location-ID>; 
		//Activity id may be fetched by filtering the list on type and description...
		//ActivityID => ScaffoldTagActivityList(Scaffold-Id, false, false), ScaffoldID => ScaffoldTag.GetScaffoldTag("Scaffold-Name") 
        ship.DeliveryScaffoldTagActivityID = <Activity-ID>); 
		ship.IsBillable = true;
		//Rate profile id may be fetched by... 
		//GetRateProfile(string RateProfileName, bool includeMasterProducts)
		ship.RateProfileID = <Rate-Profile-ID>;
		//Order id may be fetched by... 
		//GetOrder(string orderNumber)
		ship.OrderID = <Order-ID>;

        var part = ship.ShipmentProducts["Part-A"].SentQuantity = 10;

        var charge = ship.ToUnitPrices.FirstOrDefault(u => u.Name == "Charge-1");
        charge.NumberOfUnits = 10;
        charge.PricePerUnit = (decimal).5;


Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed.