Sample code to update CONSUMABLE and PRODUCTS catalog

Hi, I would like to know the API method for updating articles in QUANTIFY, let’s say that I want to update records of my clients, products of rent or sale from a system that would be my main. There is some example code in C # that they have for this case. Or can help me with this to see if it can be done


To modify products you use the Product class. Sample code below. I would recommend you attend our basic training classes if you haven’t already. They’re free and will familiarize you with the terminology. Visit our support site for more details.

// Create new product
Product prod = Product.NewProduct(ProductType.Product);

// Create new Consumable
Product cons = Product.NewProduct(ProductType.Consumable);

// Fetch a product by part number
Product fetch = Product.GetProduct("PARTNUMBER", ProductType.Product);
fetch.Description = "This is a new description";
fetch = fetch.Save();

Excellent, thank you very much and how will be the method to create a new one?

The code for creating a new product or consumable is on lines 1-5 above. Once you fill out the required details use the last line to save (substitute fetch with prod).