Sample Code to Push Labour Hours into Scaffolds

Although Quantify doesn’t track time and labor yet (it’s coming!) there’s an easy way to get hours into scaffolds at the activity level. Sample code below.

    // Fetch the scaffold that you're interested in
    ScaffoldTag scaffold = ScaffoldTag.GetScaffoldTag("TagNumberHere");

    // Get the activities for the scaffold.
    ScaffoldTagActivityList activities = 
                ScaffoldTagActivityList.GetScaffoldTagActivityList(scaffold.ScaffoldTagID, false, false);

    // Loop through the activities to find the build
    foreach (ScaffoldTagActivityListItem activity in activities)
        // If it's the build, add 10 hours to actual and
        // 12 to planned
        if (activity.ScaffoldTagActivityTypeName == "Build")
            ScaffoldTagActivity build = 
            build.ActualHours = 10;
            build.PlannedHours = 12;

            // Save - you should also check for broken
            // rules here, see sample project

Is an Industrial license required to utilize this code?

Yes, Industrial Edition is the only one that tracks activities, and utilizes the hours.