Sage 100 Invoice Integration

We are currently pulling data from: InvoiceList.GetInvoiceListForSync()

When we bring data into Sage100 we are currently setting the Quantify field “inv.SyncStatus” field to “InvoiceSyncStatus.AwaitingApproval”

When they notice an issue and need to fix the invoice in quantify after it has been brought into sage is there a recommended workflow for how that invoice should be updated and resubmitted?

Is there a recommended workflow of when we should be updating quantify with different status?

For the first question, when they bring the invoice into sage and it needs to be corrected, it probably makes sense to void the Sage invoice, set the status to InvoiceSyncStatus.NotSynchronized, then modify the invoice in Quantify. This should start your process all over again and add a new invoice into sage.

There’s no real recommended workflow, it all depends on what data you want to sync and when. The way Quantify works with QuickBooks is documented here:
Sample Code to Synchronize Invoices with Accounting Software - Sample Files - Quantify API (