ROP and ROQ per Branch


Is there any API enabling us to set up a ROP/ROQ system at a branch level rather than at a company level?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Math. Yes, you can easily accomplish this.

One way to do this is to store them in a separate database. If you have very few parts in your catalog a text file will do just fine. You can use the branch office ID or name as the key, then store the part number (or ID) and the ROP/ROQ that you want. You can then write a console app that looks up each stocked item at the branch and compares it to the value in the data store. If it doesn’t exist at the branch, or it exists and the value is less than what’s in the data store, then you can have your console app fire off an email or some other sort of notification.


Thanks for your reply, and sorry for the delay I took to come back to you.

We have close to 500 different parts in our business.

Do you have the code for such a console app? We don t have any developer here. How would it work practically in Quantify? Is there a link to be done?

An IT company deals with our IT requirements, could you please explain a bit more so I can pass on the instructions if too complicated?



Hi Math. To use our API you will need familiarity with C# and Visual Studio 2015. They can download the sample code from our initial post here to get started.