Return from Scaffold

I am having trouble creating a return shipment. I’ve successfully direct shipped the products from the branch to the scaffold. Now I need to return the items back to the branch. To simulate this on the screen, you would go to Scaffold Register-> Shipments-> Return from Selected Scaffold.

Could you provide a code example of how to do this?

Hi Rodney,

Creating a return is very similar to other types of shipments.

Here is some boilerplate code to get you started:

        Shipment returnFromScaffold = Shipment.NewShipment(ShipmentStatusType.NewDirectShip);
        ScaffoldTag tag = ScaffoldTag.GetScaffoldTag("A8496");

        returnFromScaffold.FromLocationType = SourceType.JobSite;
        returnFromScaffold.FromStockingLocationID = tag.StockingLocationID;
        returnFromScaffold.ToLocationType = SourceType.BranchOffice;
        returnFromScaffold.ToStockingLocationID = tag.ParentStockingLocationID;

        returnFromScaffold.CreateDate = DateTime.Now.ToString();
        returnFromScaffold.RateProfileID = Guid.Empty;

        // TODO: Add rent stop date
        //returnFromScaffold.ReturnRentStopDate = DateTime.Now.ToString();

        // TODO: Add scaffold tag activity ID
        //returnFromScaffold.ReturnScaffoldTagActivityID =

        // TODO: Add products
        //returnFromScaffold.ShipmentProducts = 

        if (returnFromScaffold.BrokenRulesCollection.Count > 0)
            Console.WriteLine("Shipment has errors");

Please let us know if that helps or if you need further assistance.

Excellent! Thank you.