Report Designer

With the new Quantify release, there is the possibility to edit reports through the Avontus provided designer. Originally we had made modifcations to the SSRS report files to be able to accommodate for certain things that our customers required of us.

For an on the Invoice Detailed report taxable % label should be only show 2 decimals on the amount but now it has way more decimals being shown.

Like I said, we had modified the SSRS report file code directly (not via the designer) to accomplish this, but now we do not know how to do this.

Please advise.

Hi Mario. Yes, we’ve removed the SSRS reports for several reasons. The biggest is that SSRS reports are on disk and not sharable by multiple users.

I’m not seeing where there’s more than 2 decimal places on the invoice detailed report. Can you send a screen grab?

Hi Mario. This is a bug we’re currently working on, should be released early next week.