Report Designer Error - baseCell error using same table/epibinding

I am getting the following error when I try to edit the invoice landscape report.

I am trying to add the GlobalProperty1 which should be linked to the shipment item that is already on the invoice report. Is there something else I need to link/create/edit in order to get this field

My report designer version is 8.3.1433.124 based on the login screen and did go and install the latest from the API link and my Quantify instance is up to date with 8.3.1435.124.

Hi mgray. I was unable to recreate the issue at my end, please find the EURD screenshot attached. If the issue still persists could you contact Avontus Support so we can try to reproduce the issue and log a ticket if required?

I am able to add it within the designer but I get the error when printing - want to make sure you weren’t able to replicate upon trying to print the new report.

Hello mgray. I was able to print custom report created in the above steps fine on a test setup.

So I can ensure I am doing it correct on my end - can you give me the steps of how you created the field/cell.

Would it possible for you to post the database (with the issue existing), so I can take a look?

We have the copy ready – Can you provide your public IP so we can add it to the whitelist for our FTP server?

Just wanted to follow up on the earlier comment regarding the request for the public IP.

We have the copy ready – Can you provide your public IP so we can add it to the whitelist for our FTP server?

Hello mgray. You can upload your back up to here. Please let the support people know that this is for a question on the API site. Thanks.

Yes we are aware of that but unfortunately the compressed database is 25gb and the tool on your site to upload does not support that size.

OK, thanks. If you can make it available to us for download that would be better. You can send the link to support at

We are unable to upload the file as our limits are 15gb and the compressed file for this DB is 24gb. What other options do we have for you?

Note last time we were able to utilize FTP - can we not do that this time?

Hi mgray.
Most of the time when a database is this big it’s because of the attachments. End-users tend to take and upload large picture sizes. Since we don’t need these for this case, what you can do is restore your database to a new name or server, then purge all of the attachments from your backup, then send it to us.

DELETE FROM Attachment;

After that, right click on the database and shrink it, then back it up. This should significantly reduce the size of the database.

Avontus Dev

Please note that the database was submitted last week. I apologize as i thought i had responded to ensure you received it but looks like i didn’t. Could you confirm receipt of the database so we can look to see why the report designer isn’t working.

Hi Michelle. We’ve updated both Quantify and the EURD. Can you try updating your Quantify locally, and the end-user report designer and see if you still get the problem? Thanks!