Removing a Branch

I have a need to remove a branch I have been using as a testing area.

Can you advise, using VB.NET and the Quantify API, how to develop a routine to iterate and remove all transactions, jobs, inventory transfers, inventory purchases, ect…

Basically, I want to either remove the branch all together to open the license for re-use, or reset the branch, removing all data beneath it.

Any advise would be most appreciated.

Hello James. This is quite intricate but possible. For each job, you’ll need to iterate through (for each loops) the shipment list, load each one, void it, then after saving it delete it. If balances aren’t available you wont’ be able to void, so it gets very complicated. You’ll then need to do the same with transactions (void, then delete). Invoices, etc. Once those are all voided and deleted you should be able to delete each job. We will at some point in time enabling the ability to delete a jobsite but don’t have that feature done.

.Alternatively, you can deactivate each jobsite (after returning all of the inventory), then manually adjust all of the inventory out from the branch. This will give you want also give you a blank slate. Then when the job deletion is finished you can activate each and delete it.