Remotely accessing the API from a Linux server


I am new to the Quantify API and am currently assessing what is required in order to integrate with in-house applications.

From what I gather from the forum, in order to use the Quantify API, the Quantify client must be installed, and this is where it gets its connection information.

I was hoping to use C# to remotely integrate with Quantify from a Linux server, which has the .NET framework installed, which hosts the in-house web applications. Is this possible?

If not, what are my options? Would I require setting up a Windows Server bridge that runs the client?


Hello Trevor. Yes, the binaries that the API uses are installed with the client software. You can try copying them to your Linux server but I’m not sure if the file system is the same there, it’s not a supported OS by us. The only roadblock I can imagine (assuming no .NET Framework issues) is that you may have connectivity issues? The file that contains our connection string is in a specific folder.

What I would recommend is running through all of the steps on a Windows machine to make sure it all works, then try and migrate this to your Linux machine. You can start by installing the client, making sure you can sign in like normal, then open the sample project in Visual Studio and run it, make sure that you can read some data. After that is successful, you could then try and migrate this over to your Linux machine.