Problem in Get Invoice Detail


I am trying to pull rental invoices data from Quantify below mentioned Quantify screen to push into SAP but InvoiceCollection.GetInvoiceCollection is asking InvoiceExportStatus as a parameter and InvoiceExportStatus this has four different values like All, Exported, DoNotExport, Invalid and Not Exported so please help me to understand which is the relevant option should I choose to pull invoice data? Or any other option to get the data. I also wanted to know is there was to avoid already pulled data ?

Can you please let me know what is the use of Exported or Not Exported?


Hi, dsalhotra.

InvoiceExportStatus is the Enum that is used to filter the results by the status of export or sync to third party accounting systems that are defined in Global Options. “All” value may be use to retrieve all invoices.

As a side note the grid in the attachment uses InvoiceList.GetInvoiceList(List-of-StockingLocationIDs, Sync-Status, Export-Status, TradingPartnerID-for-the-Node-Selected-in-the-Org-Tree)

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Hi, Sorry I didn’t get your point. Let me rephrase my question. Lets say I have10 invoices Quantify and I use Exported value to pull all data and pushes to SAP so how Quantify would know that these 10 invoices have already been already pulled. I mean how Quantify Export (Sync status) gets updated after call InvoiceList.GetInvoiceList.

Appreciate if you provide me a sample code.

Hi, dsalhotra.

Quantify marks the sync-status and export-status properties only if the export or sync is executed through Quantify Client for the below in-built options


Say for e.g., if the built-in file export option is use, the grid would look like below and the following Enums may used to filter invoices by the respective statuses.


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This is option is available in my install quantify client. FYI screen shot is given.

How I can use this export option through API so that export status can be updated after pulling data ? That way I will pull only not exported data to push data in SAP from Quantify.


Hi, dsalhotra.

The difference in the UI is because we’ve different options selected in Global Options (1st Image in previous post). Quantify UI reflects the selection in Global Options and Export Status is visible when “Export to File” option is selected, Sync Status is visible when Xero is selected… e.t.c.

For custom exports through API it is on the developer to set and maintain statuses, for e.g. InvoiceExportStatus may set on individual Invoice as below

    Invoice invToExport = Invoice.GetInvoice("INV-NO", false);
    //....export code....
    //....export code....
    invToExport.InvoiceExportStatus = InvoiceExportStatus.Exported;

Let me know if you face any issues setting InvoiceExportStatus like above and then fetching it passing the status as parameter.

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