Pricing pivot and qty pivot data

We are trying to recreate some reports via API to increase efficiency and accuracy in reporting. I need to be able to recreate the pricing pivot all the way down to TAG and including, staging areas and branch. Below is the list of fields that are needed.

Name Owner JOB Number TAG Customer Location Type Part Number Description Part/Description Catalog Catalog Group Manufacturer Quantity At Job Quantity Available Quantity In Transit Quantity Reserved Quantity Discrepancy Weight per Piece List Per Piece List At Job List at Staging List at Branch List in Transit List in Reserve COST PER PIECE Cost At Job Cost at Staging Cost at Branch Cost in Transit Cost in Reserve

Hi Chris. Do do this you’ll want to create a list of locations that you’d like to do this for and then use the StockedProductPivotList. This is the same object that’s behind the product pricing pivot.

for locations are you talking about job names or blue roofs? Do you have an API document that explains this class and its use. an example would be great. We are looking to pull all locations with branch and job name.

Hi Chris. Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re after. What does “pull all job locations with branch and job name”? Are you wanting a list of all of the names for items in the tree view, except blue nodes?

I need to pull all information throughout the entire system, including blue nodes. We create organization wide reports from this and need to eliminate the work that is needed to not only pull the information but the creation of the excel spreadsheets.