Performance Issue of Quantity

Hi AvontusDev Team,

we recently experienced some performance issues from our remote office users. Seems very slow. just wanna if the LogEntry or attachments table have any impacts on the performance?

we have 1422684 records in LogEntry table.
we have 35609 records in Attachment table.

We sent an email to support for requesting a new activation key so that we can test it on our dev database on 25/11/2016, still no reply yet.



Hello Guo. The size of those tables are actually very small compared to some of our larger customer databases. These tables are properly indexed, so you won’t see any performance issues as those tables grow.

If the problems are recent and from remote users it’s most likely due to a networking issue. If you ping and tracert to the server from local and remote connections and see a difference, that is your cause. Has anything changed on your network? Did you switch the database server to another location?

Is your server 64-bit? How much RAM? What version of SQL Server do you have? If it’s SQL Express then you’ve for sure ran into the memory limit.

Other than networking, we’ve found the biggest cause of bad performance is having Quantify on a server farm with other databases. It’s always the case that some other database is poorly designed or structured and causes everything else to slow down. If you have Quantify on a server with more than one database then you’ll want to put it on its own server without any other SQL or other processes running and test with this.

Given the large sizes of those tables, you’ll want to dedicate around 64MB of RAM to this test server as well, this way your entire database will be put into RAM.

We had a holiday last week…


Hi Avontus,

we installed the standalone server and the Quantify client. We also have SQL Server - 64 bit installed on Win Server 2012. We have 16G memory, and only consuming around 4G.

I am also not sure if the network issue or not, as they are on remote local LAN (shouldn’t have network issue). The server and Quantify client are in same network locally. but, I will check if we have other database on the same machine though. please let me know if you have any other thoughts.



Hello Guo. Sounds like a networking issue. If you need further support can you email to open a support case? They’ll be able to help you troubleshoot.