Password for ASIUser

I have my connection string in my web.config but I cannot find the password for ASIUser.

I’m using the suggested connection string from this answer

Hi Krusing

Connection string for Quantify Web is available in appconnection.config

Thanks for posting.


The question is not for the connection string. The question is where to find the ASIUser password.

We do not have Quantify Web, I’m trying to connect to the database using MVC, and I’m using the connection string from the answer linked in my question. But the answer does not tell me where to find the ASIUser password.

Where can I find the ASIUser password?

BR / Johan

Hi. This is in SQL Server. In the database properties tree you should see a list of users, of which ASIUser is one. It would have been set up during the setup process. You can change the password there.

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