IsDirty Field on BusinessPartner Record

I can see that the BusinessPartner has an isDirty Bit. We are attempting to integrate with our legacy systems. We need to know if a record is dirty so that we can update it in the integrated system. However once integration is complete we would like to mark the record as not isDirty. Is this possible and if it is how does one go about it as the isDirty field is currently read only. If it is not possible how does an integrated system identify records that have changed since the last integration

Hello. Welcome to the Quantify forums! The IsDirty property is used during an editing session of the object, and won’t reflect whether or not the object has changed.

To see if it was changed, you can use the LogEntryList object. Simply load it from the ID of the object that you want to check and get the latest change(d) item from the list.

// Load
LogEntryList list = LogEntryList.GetLogEntryList(stockingLocationID);