Inventory Adjustments data location

I have resolved this - it looks as though the StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries was the culprit. I changed it to StringSplitOptions.None and it worked.

As a final note, this appears it will work for us, however I think it would be cleaner eventually to have the ProductID available on these types of LogEntryListItems. We do not need a hotfix for this as of now, but this would be very nice to see in the next release.

Thanks again for all your help with this one, this was quite the learning experience.

All the best,

Update -

In the upcoming release, additional properties have been exposed in LogEntryListItem object that may be used as in the below example.

            LogEntryList logs = LogEntryList.GetLogEntryList(LOC_ID);
            foreach (var item in logs.Where(log => log.LogDate >= DateTime.Today).OrderByDescending(log => log.LogDate))
                Console.WriteLine($"Change - {item.Name}\r\nStockingLocationID - {item.ParentID} \r\nBaseProductID - {item.ChildID} \r\nOldValue - {item.OldValue} \r\nNewValue - {item.NewValue} \r\n");

Note - please ensure that the point/pre-QA releases are completely uninstalled before installing the production/public release.


Thanks so much for getting back to me on this. This is good news this will be available in the upcoming release.

A question related to the upcoming release (feel free to make another thread since this is about the release itself) - when exactly will this be available, if it is not already?

I am asking because during our development/testing we have used a few point/pre-QA releases in order to accomplish what we needed. However, we are looking to roll out our integration in a Production capacity on November 2nd, 2020. Will the new release be available by then?

If not, is it possible to obtain a working version of the release that we could use in the interim? This Production roll out is a hard deadline set by our company, we will not be able to move it unless there are extenuating circumstances preventing us from being able to roll out.

Please let me know when you have a chance, or if you have any questions regarding our rollout plan or exactly which point releases we have used thus far.

Thanks so much,

Hi Alex.

The upcoming public release for Quantify is scheduled for 20th of this month .

Thanks for posting.