Integration with SAP Business one

I would like to integrate Quantify with SAP. I would like to integrate the Item Master data and Customer Master from SAP to Quantify.
If we bought the Quantify, will the Quantify team do the integration of Masters from SAP to Quantify?


Hello Vinoth. Thank you for contacting us. We will support you with writing the code needed to integrate with Quantify via this site. You can ask questions here and review our sample projects, we will also send you code snippets to help answer questions as needed. The Quantify team is not up to speed on any accounting software, so you would need a developer with experience with their API, the same person would learn our API.

This would be for initial implementation as well as ongoing maintenance as SAP changes.


Will the Quantify team does the integration of data from SAP to Quantify or not?
Kindly clarify

We will help your developers to complete the integration. You need a developer that knows SAP.

We have a developer from SAP.
Firstly, I would like to inform that this Integration has to be from two sides.

  1. Master data will be integrated from SAP to Quantify
  2. Transactions (Invoice, Delivery, etc…) will be Integrated from Quantify to SAP.

Regarding the second part. We will retrieve the transactions data using your API and update those transactions to SAP.

However regarding the first point. Will Quantify team Integrate the Data from SAP to Quantify or not ?

Note we can share the API for SAP to Quantify Integration, will quantify team handle the Integration of this first part ?

Hi Vinoth. Once they attend training and look at our sample code it’s pretty easy for them to use our API. We have a lot of customers that write the integration code themselves. All they need to know is C# or VB.NET.

We can provide code snippets to your developers via this site if needed.

Thank you for the update.
It seems that Quantify team will not do the Integration and will support only for the sample code. Kindly confirm.

Hello Quantify Team. I’m at the same situation, a SAP B1/Quantify integration. We need to send data from SAP to Quantify as well. Could you provide me with some elements as examples, code, queries, etc. Any help with this integration to be done? Do we also need the table names to do this?