Historical reports


I would like to know if there is any API able to produce a ‘historical report’ presenting what/how many materials/parts (tons, pieces, value) was on rent/in stock across the different branches and jobs at a certain point in time (like the end of the financial year obviously!). Basically:

  •      What was on rent vs. available
  •      What was in YYY yard and other yards (branches) – weight, values, quantities…

Thanks in advance,


You can accomplish this by writing a service that runs on your desired time frame (sounds like end of the week might work in your case above). Simply take a snapshot of the inventory at the branch and at the underlying jobs and write them to an external database. You can then grab a reportwriter to sit on top of that database to report your desired values.


I am not sure I understand exactly what needs to be done…
Where would that service run?
I want to be able to question the database asking what/where was in my stock any day of the previous years (on rent, available, etc).

If it is simpler, can we set a catch up?



Hi Math. You can run the console app using an admin task.

To write code to get historic data you will need to traverse through the shipments adding and removing balances as you go back in time, then store this data.

We do have a product history feature. You can sign up for online training on that (see our support site for a schedule).