Getting scaffold data between start and end dates

I am not able to get the Scaffold data between two days, instead it is returning all records,
Can you please provide the code snippet to get the data between dates.

Code I am using is

var stageJobs = StockingLocationList.GetScaffoldTagJobs(true, Guid.Parse(“Quantify_StockId”), true);
var custStageJobs = stageJobs.Where(a => a.CustomerNumber == “Quantify_CustomerNumber”);
List locIds = custStageJobs.Select(x => x.StockingLocationID).ToList();
var tags = ScaffoldTagList.GetScaffoldTagList(locIds, ScaffoldTagStatuses.OnRent, false, startDate, endDate);
return tags;

Please let me know if I needs to change any code snippet…

Thanking you in advance…

Hi Sivakishore.

Since date parameters in the particular method pertains to the related Activities, you may do the fetch similar to that is in the below snippet

List<ScaffoldTagListItem> tags = ScaffoldTagList.GetScaffoldTagList(new List<Guid> { PARENT_LOC_ID },
                                                        ScaffoldTagStatuses.OnRent, false, null, null)
                                                        .Where(tag => tag.ActualBuildDate >= DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1)).ToList();

Thanks for posting.