Get Shipping Street, Zipcode, City, State, County, Country from the jobsite of an invoice

Hi there,

I’m looking to import a Quantify invoice to an ERP system including the shipping information, so I would like to get all the seperate field from the shipping address of the jobsite for which the invoice is created.

I can now choose code: inv.jobsite.shippingaddress
But I’m not sure what kind of a result this will give me.
It is possible to get inv.customer.shippingcity and inv.customer.shippingstreet (and so on). But I suppose this would result in the shipping address of the customer and I need the specific shipping address of the jobsite.

Is it possible to get this information through the API and if so, how to tackle this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Bernice,

inv.Jobsite.ShippingAddress will return the full shipping address for the Job Site exactly as it appears on the Job Site options dialog.

If you would like to get the Street, Zip, etc individually you can use:


This will give you access to the Address object which has properties such as City, State, etc.