Get Scaffold List From Specific Location

What needs to be passed to the constructor for GetScaffoldTagList to be able to pull all the scaffold tags from a specific location. Is there a constructor in place that can use the string Name instead of a GUID as is selected from a comboBox or similar?

This is what I tried using the stockingLocationID inside of a foreach and a while loop to pinpoint the specific StockingID I wanted:

ScaffoldTagList tagList = ScaffoldTagList.GetScaffoldTagList(job.StockingLocationID, false);



Hi, Joseph,

There are several overloads for GetScaffoldTagList. You can see them using Visual Studio’s IntelliSense.

Notice they all accept a List of Guids as their first parameter. You would pass in a list of StockingLocationIDs pertaining to the Scaffold Tracking Jobsites. You could try something like the following to accomplish your goal:

Guid stockingLocationID = TradingPartner.GetTradingPartner("Scaffold Tracking Jobsite").StockingLocationID;
List<Guid> stockingLocationIDList = new List<Guid> { stockingLocationID };
ScaffoldTagList tagList = ScaffoldTagList.GetScaffoldTagList(stockingLocationIDList, true);

Thanks for the question. Let us know if this helps or if you need further assistance.