Export Invoice to Sage 50

I have a custom export to Sage 50 accounting. I have the program creating a CSV file for import however I cannot find where Quantify stores a couple of data fields that are required.

Can someone help me locate:
Number of Distributions
Invoice/CM Distribution
Apply to Invoice Distribution
Apply to Sales Order
G/L Account
Tax Type

Thank you,

Hello Scott. Assuming you’re writing your export on top of our invoices?

I’m not sure what Sage refers to as a ‘distribution’ or an ‘apply to sales order’ so I cannot advise you on those.

G/L Account is in Global Options under each of the accounting types you can set those up there. These are 1:1 with each item on the summary invoice. Quantity is also on the invoice item on the summary invoice.

Tax type is on the invoice as well. I’m not sure what “type” is in Sage, but we have two taxes that you should be able to correlate to tax items in Sage. Most people don’t track taxes in Quantify and let the accounting software handle them via defaults, or custom imports like you’re doing.

Hope this helps!

In the instructions here (https://docs.avontus.com/display/QUAN/Configuring+Sage+50+to+Import+from+Quantify) step 6 indicates the following fields need to be imported from the Quantify Export:

  • Customer ID
  • Invoice/CM #
  • Apply to Invoice Number
  • Credit Memo
  • Date
  • Customer PO (Not currently exported)
  • Date Due
  • Sales Representative ID
  • Accounts Receivable Account (Not currently exported)
  • Sales Tax ID
  • Number of Distributions
  • Invoice/CM Distribution
  • Apply to Invoice Distribution
  • Apply to Sales Order
  • Quantity
  • Description
  • G/L Account
  • Unit Price
  • Tax Type
  • Amount
  • U/M ID
  • U/M No. of Stocking Units
  • Job ID
  • Sales Tax Agency ID
  • Recur Number
  • Recur Frequency

The current Export supplies theses values. However, I cannot find where the current export gets the information for “Number of Distributions”, “Invoice/CM Distribution” or “Apply to Sales Order”. A separate line is exported for each distribution in “Number of Distributions”.

This would be easy if I had example code from the existing setup.


Hi Scott. I’m a little confused. Are you using our API to create your own export file, or are you asking about the built-in functionality/file exported from Quantify?

Hi, I am building a custom export process using your API. However, I am trying to get the same information that your current Export to Sage function retrieves. There a a few fields that had incorrect information being exported with the current Export to Sage function so I am having to correct those for the new export. Our ASO was having to manually modify the export to correct those fields before importing them into Sage. I am trying to automate the process. I can upload the current code if needed.


Thanks Scott. I took a look and we’re not aware of any defects with our export. Do you know if your end-user contacted support?

I’ll ask the developer that wrote this code if they can elaborate but they’re on vacation right now, might be later next week if that’s OK.

The user has contacted support and they told them that they would require a programmer familiar with C# to create a custom export. The customer would like to include Ship To information in the export as well as lookup the jobnumber from Sage50 as they have different job numbers in Quantify. Some of the fields they currently export have incorrect values in Sage50 and need to be modified. These are just how they record information within Quantify. Also, the Shipping information is not included with the current export out of Quantify.