Estimate Product Decimal places


I am programatically creating an Estimate and when saving the product’s sell or rent dollar amounts it is only putting 2 decimal places into the database.

If I modify the database directly via a query I am able to add more than 2 decimal places.

Is there a way via the API to use more than 2 decimal places for the amounts?

Internally the sell dollar amounts are a decimal type. The number of decimal places here should be controlled by your currency settings in the control panel, regional settings.

For the rent rate (only) the number of decimal places is controlled by a Global Option. If you click Tools menu - Global Options, then on the Billing tab in the upper left you’ll see a numeric slider for the number of decimal places.

Thank you, more decimals are now shown. Is there a way to control the rounding? I put 6 decimals, but for example, if I have 14.1608, it is rounding it to 14.161 instead of “keeping” the 6 decimal precision.

Odd. When I set the decimal places in Global Options it doesn’t round at all (for Rent). For sell and other prices they follow the regional settings for currency set up in the Windows control panel. Could you provide a bit of a code snippet?

My bad, double checked the math and everything looks good now. Thank you for your help.