Estimate Additional Charge Description


I am using the API to create/update an Estimate that contains additional charges. I am trying to update the charge description, and even if the API allows this, the charge description is not being updated (all other fields are fine).

Sample code:

ChargeDescription = “New Description”;

estimateUnitPrice.Description = ChargeDescription;
estimateUnitPrice.NumberOfUnits = NumberOfUnits;
estimateUnitPrice.EstimatePricePerUnit = PricePerUnit;
estimateUnitPrice.Taxable = Taxable;



The Description property is actually copied into another property, called EstimateDescription when it’s created. If you want to modify it, you’ll set it on the unit price.

            Estimate est = Estimate.NewEstimate(true);
            est.EstimateUnitPrices[0].EstimateDescription = "This is the description on the for the unit price";

Thank you this corrected the problem.