Error using GetInvoiceCollection


Hopefully this is a quick one - when I run the following line:

InvoiceCollection all_Invoices = InvoiceCollection.GetInvoiceCollection(InvoiceExportStatus.All);

I get the following error:


Is this something I did wrong with the GetInvoiceCollection method, or a known bug? Or could it possibly be because we are using a version of Quantify that is currently still being tested?

Thanks for any help you can provide here.

Hi Alex.

I’ve fwd-ed this to dev team for Billing Management.
The particular fetch method is a work-in-progress and is currently unused in Quantify Client, which uses InvoiceList.GetInvoiceList. However, this is expected to be fixed in the upcoming release.

Thanks for posting.

Most recent pre-QA build for Quantify is available in the below thread -

Thanks so much for the quick turnaround on this - this new build resolved this issue.