End User Report Field Code - Job Site Number

We are trying to re-design our reports, so the top Report Header includes the Job Site Number. What is the code or field for the Job Site Number that we should use so this will appear on the forms?

I am wanting to place the Job Site Id number shown in the “To” box next to the JOB NUMBER in the header

Hi, Corrina.

Jobsite Number property is available in the field list under FromStockingLocation and ToStockingLocation in the Field List window on the right hand side of the designer. Please find the screenshots below.

Thanks for posting.


Its not showing see screenshots below. Does it have something to do with the ‘objectDataSource1’? As yours says ‘ShipmentDataSource’? How do I get to the ShipmentDataSource?

I found the “Number” field - thank you.

Now when I add it to the form, nothing prints? how do I get it to show when the form is printed?

Its okay, I did it :grin:

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