End-User Report Designer

You can download the end-user report designer using the link below. Please post all questions to the site here and we’ll get back with you on solutions.

End User Documentation can be found here:

Report Designer for WPF Desktop can be found here:

Report Elements are defined as follows:

Report Bands Separate the document and grouped areas:

Report Controls manage the elements on the reports:

Do you have an ETA on when the updated version of the Report Designer will be available?ScreenClip

Hello Mathias. Sorry for the delay, we will have this published here in the next few days. Thanks for your patience. - AvontusDev

Hello Mathias. The end-user report designer has been updated to the latest version. If you start the app it will automatically update (click-once). Regards - AvontusDev

Hello, I’m trying to use the User Report Designer to create a new report, however, none of the controls are available to me. In Report Configurations, only the Add button works and then the report opens immediately with only a Save button. I don’t have controls to create, preview, script or save as.


The End-User Report Designer presents the Report Configurations dialog on start-up.
This dialog gives the option of adding a new configuration or editing an existing one, for each report. On clicking it, Add or Edit, the Designer dialog is presented, which enables adding/modifying controls, positioning, adding/modifying fields etc.
The save button is enabled when a change is made to a report design and allows for the configuration to be saved and shown in the list of Report Configurations. The saved Configurations become available it Quantify client for generating reports.

Thank you for posting!

Hello. I have the same problem as the person who posted about having none of the controls. Please see screen shots. How do I open the End-User report designer to see all the controls and have access to the wizard?