Doubts with the api methods

Hi I have some doubts with the methods of the API I wonder if you can get outputs of inventory or
Inventory transfers
Sorry but I still do not have a great knowledge of the operations of quantify, I would like to know if they have some manuel of the API methods to obetner the objects that it handles

Hello. Thanks for posting. I would recommend you attend our basic training before experimenting with the API. With some basic working knowledge of the operations of Quantify before using the API you’ll be much better off. In fact, we use the API ourselves as the middle tier. The Quantify UI sits on the exact same API that you use and the terminology in the UI matches the API.

Unfortunately, documentation wouldn’t do you much good here without training anyways.

Transfers are completed through Shipments.

Once you’ve attended training you can return here and give us your requirements. We can guide you through using the API to accomplish what you need with various code snippets.

I understand, that the transfers are made through shipments. What is the API method to access all transfers that are not exported? , The outlets of goods and goods receipts, there is some method for this. thank you very much

Hello again. I’m not sure what you’re asking. We don’t have the ability to export a transfer. Is this something like a csv file export? Where in the Quantify UI are you seeing this export? The word “goods” can refer to anything and is a term we don’t use in Quantify, so I’m not sure what you’re asking for here.

Hi, I probably will not explain myself well, what I’m trying to figure out is that if there is any way to get from the API, the movements of goods outputs or inputs

Hello. Yes, you can do this through shipments. A shipment has a state and can be a delivery, return or a transfer.

I don’ t know what ‘movements of goods outputs or inputs’ is. If you attend our free public training you can come back here when you’re done and use our terminology. I think after you attend training though you’ll find that the semantics of the API are the same as the UI for the most part.