Doubts, system operations and API

Hello greetings, I have some doubts, regarding quantify, I am doing an integration through the API. I hope you can help me

1-) What are the rental and sales items
2-) How to differentiate the sales invoice and the rental.
3-) When making a sale of rental items, what is the process, is a transfer to a sales item?
4-) How is the consiginacion of merchandise between surucursales.

Hello BGonzalez. I would highly recommend you attend our regular training classes as we go through all of the details for what you are asking.

In the UI the purchase, sale, and transfer between new and used, is all completed on the Transactions tab. In the API these are referred to as Movements.

The main training classes are here: you can also click on the link to view the schedule, which is here: