Detailed Estimate Changes in Report Designer


We are trying to change change some fields in the Detailed Estimate Report using the Report Designer to make it easier for our customers to understand and verify the information.

  1. The last column “Total Rent” we need it to be the multiplication of Quantity x Rent x Period.

  2. Before the last 2 rows (Rent Discount and Total) we need another row with a Total Before Discount, so that the last 3 rows will be Total Before Discount, Rent Discount and Total.

Can you tell us how to make these changes?


Hello Raymond. To do this you’ll want to download and install the end-user report designer. With it, you can create these columns as well as change the formula for TotalRent. Right click on the Fields and add a new calculated field, multiply total rent by the number of periods (first screen grab). After that, edit the cell and change the data binding to your new calculated field (second screen grab). You’ll want to make sure that you format it correctly for currency as well.


can you please explain how to format as currency?


Hi raymond. It’s the ‘Format String’, located in the second screen grab, behind the dropdown list.

please take a look at the pdf. its not calculating well.

Estimate EST-0002428.pdf (89.6 KB)

Can you send a screen grab of your formula?


You’re using Total Rent from the estimate products. I would think you want just the rent. Try and experiment with some of the other values without multiplying (first), then you should be able to see which ones you want.