Created By logging for Movements


Is there somewhere where the user that initially created a Movement is logged? I know that in the LogEntry table in SQL there is line by line logging for each update made to a Movement (including when it was received), but we need to know who actually created that Movement (before it is received).

Additionally, I am able to find the LogEntry table in SQL, but I do not see an analogue in the API. What is the object called to access this data? (in the UI, the ‘History’ tab when you have a Movement highlighted).

Let me know if you need me to clarify any of the above.

Thanks so much,

I saw in a previous post that LogEntryList is supposed to be the object I should be accessing, however this is not a valid object in the instance of the API I am working in.

Perhaps it is a code version issue? Although I have the most recent ‘hot-fixed’ version of Quantify, so I’m not sure if that could be the case.

I resolved the second part of my question regarding LogEntryList - I needed to add a reference to the Avontus.Rental.Library.Logging namespace.

Hi there - just wanted to clarify on this item that I am still in need of some guidance on where the ‘created by’ user for a Movement is logged, if anywhere. Unless I am misunderstanding, this data is not in LogEntryList - or is it?

Apologies for any confusion.