Connect to Quantify API from Azure App Service

Can we connect to Quantify API rom Azure App Service? We want to read data using Quantify API, we need to understand is this possible?

Yes. Will you be connecting to a local Azure database, or will you be connecting through the Quantify Web web services?

we will connecting through quantify web web services. is that possible?

Yes, you simply change the connection string to point to your remote location. The API will use whatever your Quantify installation is connected to.

Not able understand how Qunatify API works. I have QuantifySettings.xml provided by client to use for connection but i don’t see any example that uses connectionString and Endpoint that is provided in xml for connecting. It could be better to explain us how it works with xml file provided by client.

Can you please explain in detail, like how the azure app service will fetch the QuantifySettings.xml

Do I need to keep this xml in a particular location of azure?

In my case app service is web api

Thanks in advance…

How do we find out what the Endpoint is on the webservice running on the local server, if we are connecting from a cloud service how do we check that it is exposed to the internet?

Hi Steve.shepherd.

The standard endpoint for SSL access would be as per the following template


This post might be helpful.

Thanks for posting!

I am guess that this is only available if they have the web service running for the quantify web?
Is that an extra cost if it’s not running?

Also how does our client know the quantify url?

Hi Steve.shepherd.

Quantify client is expected to be installed and configured on a client machine consuming Quantify API. The API picks up it’s connection settings from this installed Quantify client.


I’ll leave the cost related part of the question for my colleague to answer.

Thanks for posting.