Clarification on integration with Quantify

Hi Team,

We need clarifications on few basic queries before starting integration with Quantify.

  1. Available sample code will only work with 2013 & 2015 version of visual studio ?
  2. We will receive a test server for initial testing or we need to do it at our local machines. We have downloaded and installed Quantify on local machine, but default username and password not working(Admin/password).
  3. We also need API connection credentials in program like - AvontusPrincipal.Login(“username”, “yourpassword”);


Hi SS.

  1. Sample code works with all versions of Visual Studio. I believe what is there is for VS 2017 but it will work also in 2019.
  2. The API uses the same mechanism to connect that the UI does. Your first step is to install the client on the machine that you’ll be using the API on. If you cannot connect you’ll need to contact your Quantify Administrator or Avontus Support to be able to log in with the client.
  3. You will set up a new user in Quantify to connect with. The username/password that you use in the UI will also be used in the API. Typically this is a user with admin permissions but if you’d like to limit what the API login can do (i.e. only create shipments) you can limit this in the permissions for the user.

Avontus Dev