Changes in the format of the h_InvoiceDate from API

Dear all,

We have detected changes in the format of the date that is received through the API

for example in the year 2020 it changed from “DD / MM / YYYY” to “D / M / YY”

Is this change permanent? or can you change it?

this change has affected the interface of Quantify with SAP B1

for example:

30/11/2019 —> have 10 characters, it´s ok
30/12/2019 —> have 10 characters, it´s ok
30/4/20 —> have 7 characters, Error
30/5/20 —> have 7 characters, Error
30/6/20 —> have 7 characters, Error

Why did the format change?

Hello Ratencio. Quantify uses the date/time format on the server. Nothing has changed in our code at all, so it must have been changed on the server that you’re using the API from. Maybe it’s a new server, or someone changed the date/time format? Anyhow, if you go into regional settings you can switch it back.

yes, we bought a new server and the date format is different

Thanks for the help