API/SDK Documentation

I was hoping that there would be a list of functions or some documentation on what is available in the API/SDK. There are a few posts from several years ago asking for the similar things, do you know if they were ever created?

Do not need anything fancy nor formal, so if that does not exist, are there any header or readme type files that would give me a glimpse into what is available?

Hello dcostin. I would recommend downloading the sample code and starting from there. Intellisense on the objects is very intuitive. The naming of the objects also matches the UI of the software (shipment, estimate, etc.). If you need any clarification or help writing code snippets feel free to come back here and ask, we can easily guide you through the code that is needed.

Is it possible to setup the system to automatically export data to a CSV file on an hourly basis that contains new and updated records?

This would avoid our need to use the API.

Hello dcostin. There isn’t any event system built in to Quantify. You can compile your API code into an exe and then run it from a Windows Admin task. Windows Admin Tasks were made for this. From there you can set the frequency, output folder, etc.