API required for quantify

Need Object and API Details below:

Billing --> Invoices
Transaction (Type –Purchase available )
Transaction (Type -Purchase New )
Transaction (Type –Purchase consumable)
Transaction (Type –Sell available )
Transaction (Type -Sell New )
Transaction (Type –Sell consumable)
report Pivot

Hello Vino.

Could you please add few more more details? For example, could let us know which report pivot you are interested in and the intended API action for which you’re seeking the details for.

In general you may add a Transaction of a type by…

var transaction = Movement.NewMovement(MovementType.PurchaseForRent, true);

Add details and save…

transaction.DestinationID = <stocking-location-id>
transaction.BusinessPartnerID = <business-partner-id>
transaction.MovementProducts.MovementProducts.First(p => p.PartNumber == "part-number-1").Quantity = 5;

You may fetch a list of invoices by…

List<Guid> locationIDs = new List<Guid>();
InvoiceList invoices = InvoiceList.GetInvoiceList(locationIDs, InvoiceSyncStatus.All, InvoiceExportStatus.All, Guid.Empty);

Thanks for posting!

How I will get ? And I need API code for invoice & purchase order creation not pulling invoices.

Still haven’t got the correct API documentation link or any API technical document.

How to retrieve this information

Hello Vino.

Unfortunately we do not have a sharable API documentation but there are training options available.

Thanks for posting.

Can you share the details for API Training?

Kindly shed some light on this.

Hi Vino. First, you need to learn the product. Check with the Quantify end-users at your company. Training is tailored to your companies processes.

If they are currently or starting to use Quantify you will be required to attend the implementation meetings and attend all of their training.

If they have already gone through an implementation then you can ask them for their pre-recorded training sessions.

If they don’t have access to their pre-recorded training then you can learn online yourself here

No matter what, you will need to read our documentation, here is a start

After you have gone through training, download the sample app, it will now make sense to you.

After that, feel free to ask a question here.

Avontus Dev