API list prices different than the product catalog in Quantify

When I run the product catalog in the API and compare it with the report in Quantify the list prices of several products are incorrect.
For example PN 111142 has a list price of $4.86 in Quantify and when I pull it in the API it has a list price on $454.00
In the API I pull the DefaultList price in the product catalog. This price different is resulting in approximately $2 million dollar difference.

here is my code:

    Dim prodlists As ProductCollection = ProductCollection.GetProductCollection(ProductType.Product)

    For Each prodlist As Product In prodlists
        Dim strprodPN As String = prodlist.PartNumber
        Dim strprodDesc As String = prodlist.Description
        Dim strProdWeight As String = Convert.ToDecimal(prodlist.Weight)
        If strProdWeight Is Nothing Then
            strProdWeight = 0
        Else strProdWeight = Convert.ToDecimal(prodlist.Weight)
        End If
        Dim strProdModel As String = (prodlist.ModelNumber)
        Dim strProdCategory As String = prodlist.ProductCategoryName
        Dim strProdList As String = Convert.ToDecimal(prodlist.DefaultList)
        If strProdList Is Nothing Then
            strProdList = 0
        Else strProdList = Convert.ToDecimal(prodlist.DefaultList)
        End If
        Dim strProdCost As String = Convert.ToDecimal(prodlist.DefaultCost)
        If strProdCost Is Nothing Then
            strProdCost = 0
        Else strProdCost = Convert.ToDecimal(prodlist.DefaultCost)
        End If
        Dim strManufacturer As String = prodlist.ManufacturerName
        If strManufacturer Is Nothing Then
            strManufacturer = ""
        Else strManufacturer = prodlist.ManufacturerName
        End If

By default, the List Price uses currency formatting (“C”) which uses Windows settings to chose the format, the below code should give formatting similar to the grid -

   Dim listPrice As Decimal = If(prodlist.DefaultList.HasValue, prodlist.DefaultList, 0)
   Dim strProdList As String = listPrice.ToString("C")

With this code I receive an error "Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric."
The price difference is not happening to all of the list prices but only a few of them. However, it is causing a major difference in our overall pricing when we report based on what is in Quantfy and what is in our BI dashboard.

Hello Chris. Can you send an example to us? Please let us know what part number and list price to add and sample code that demonstrates the difference?


Also, FWIW, there’s only one list price in Quantify and it comes from the product catalog. I would debug and find the one that has the difference and make sure that you’re using the correct property. If you can send us a screen grab of your intellisense showing the property value, plus a screen grab of the same part number in the catalog we may be able to help you pinpoint it.

In Quantify there is a List price of $4.86 and when I extract it from the API I get $453.00.

I can’t see the value for that. But can you also check your part number in intellisense?

I found the issue. My extract was doing a strange calculation based on cost to determine the probable list price. Thanks for your help