API for import Rate Profile process

Does the API expose code that can be utilized to upload a Rate Profile thru external means? I have a standard schedule of rates spreadsheet and would like to automate the import process rather than having a person create a csv file and then import manually. Is this at all possible?

Yes, check out the RateProfile object. In general, the names in the API follow the names in the product itself. RateProfile also has product, consumable, and other collections.

Would it be possible to provide sample code of how to access the Rate Profile Header and Item information using the API?

The RateProfile object exposes the header, but damn if I cannot figure out how I would add in the items…

Something you can do is look at intellisense. When you create your object type “.” and you’ll see all of the properties and methods. Scroll through those, some have comments on what they do.

The RateProfile object has a RateProfileProducts collection. This loads all of the products in your catalog with blank rates. Simply iterate through them and fill out the ones you want. There’s sample code for a shipment that you can look at, it’s the same, but RateProfileProducts instead of ShipmentProducts.