API Connection String not working

Hi Support team,
I have an issue with an API, some days ago it stopped working, stating that can’t log in anymore. I haven’t been informed about any change in the Quantify DB and the user I have documented connects correctly if I try manually, the problem is the developer is no longer working with the company and he didn’t left any documentation. I found out that API and a program .EXE that it’s scheduled to be executed everyday, but the log says, the connection is not success full since some days ago. I tried contacting support@avontus.com but they re-routed me to https://quantifyapi.avontus.com/
Can anyone from Quantify API support help me figure this out, it’s very urgent.
Thank you!

Hello Jose. It sounds like the developer that left had hard-coded the username and password into the software (exe)? If so, you’ll need the source code that the developer wrote in order to modify the login.

You might want to check any .config files that are in the same folder as the exe, maybe they wrote the password to one these and if so (you’re lucky) you can change it.

I would strongly recommend that you get your source code though, as things do change.

Wish you luck on this,