Adding salesperson in estimate

Is there any way to add the salesperson name to the estimate so I can filter the estimates by salesperson in a report?


Hello Raymond. Unfortunately there isn’t a salesperson in the underlying app, so it wouldn’t be possible to add them to the report. I’ve added your feature request to our list though, we will let you know when this has been added to the product.


In this case, it would work better if the Salesperson that gets specified in the Estimate will pass to the Shippment and then to the Invoice. This way you can track invoice by salesperson, etc.

In the Shippment I added the Salesperson using the Custom List. But i cannot find a Custom List for the Invoice. Do you have a suggestion?

Hello Raymond. We don’t have a salesperson on the estimate, but there is one on the job and invoice. These are set at the job level so all invoices on that job will have the salesperson. Could you contact and they’ll give you a walkthrough on this? Apologies to send you back to them.